The duration of a treatment depends on the symptoms and is about 45 minutes long. One session costs about 80 €. (From June 2022 90 €) I charge according to the fee schedule for alternative practitioners (GebüH).


More and more statutory health insurers reimburse the costs of osteopathy. For this, your doctor will issue you a private prescription, which you submit to your health insurance company. The prescription with the diagnosis can be issued by any general practitioner. In individual cases, please ask your statutory health insurance company about a possible assumption of costs. In any case, the appointment fees are paid by you personally first, whether they are reimbursed or not. 


Private health insurance companies usually reimburse the costs.


Memberships in the Association of Osteopathic Schools Germany / VOSD and in the Bundesverband Osteopathie e.V. / BVO.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Cost of treatment

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You can book your appointment yourself via Doctolib.

You can also reach me by email and phone.

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